Can we drive up Haleakala?


Yes! But, if you plan to drive all of the way to the 10,000ft summit, please keep in mind that it's an arduous, 40+ mile uphill journey, so schedule most of the day for the adventure.  Also, we ask that you please don't take multiple trips to the summit during one trip as it's exceptionally strenuous on the engine and brakes.

What is the price for your airport shuttle option?

Airport shuttle costs $40. Just add "Airport Shuttle" to your reservation during the checkout process.

What comes with the van? Cookware, Towels, etc..?

We provide you with clean, high-quality sheets, blankets, pillows, a stove, fuel, cooking utensils and more.

See our Vans Page for information about what else is included.

Are the vans four wheel drive? Can we drive dirt roads?


The vans are NOT four wheel drive and you are NOT ALLOWED TO DRIVE DIRT ROADS, including the rough, unmaintained section of highway between 7 Sacred pools in Kipahulu and MM 30 in Kaupo (See Camping Map)

We are in the booking process and notice a "Wheelbase Fee".. What is that?

That is the low cost of comprehensive insurance.

If we already have a rental insurance policy, will you waive the insurance fee?


Absolutely! We will waive our insurance fee if you have your own insurance policy. Simply request and fill out our insurance binder, thus providing proof of your RV rental insurance for the dates of your trip.

We arrive in the evening (after 7pm), how / where do we get our van?


If you are scheduled to arrive late, add "Airport Park'n Go" to your reservation during the checkout process. We will leave your van in the airport lot near baggage claim, along with our exclusive Van Camping / Adventure map of Maui and your Camper Van instructions.

Do we need to make camping reservations ahead of time?


About half of the campgrounds on Maui are first come first served. Kipahulu and Hosmer Grove campgrounds, Papalaua Beach Campground & Camp Olowalu.


  • Camping in the national park, you can purchase a $25 park pass that is valid for three nights at both (Kipahulu & Hosmer Grove) campgrounds.

  • Camp Olowalu has become very popular, so you may want to call ahead to make sure they'll have room in the parking lot.


  • Wainapanapa state park is very strict about having a reservation. This is the closest camping to Hana and very busy compared to the Kipahulu campground 9 miles to the South.

Where can we shower & use a restroom?


Among the hundreds of beaches around the island, a few dozen have nice fresh-water showers and well-maintained bathrooms between the beach and the parking lot.

If you absolutely need a hot shower, you can get one at:

  • Camp Olowalu (You can purchase a $10 day pass if you're not camping)

  • Salvation Army

Can we pull over and camp anywhere we want, or at any beach?


You cannot camp anywhere you want; overnight camping is only permitted at public campgrounds. 


Maui has seen a growing influx of transients seeking a simple, low-output life. Unfortunately, this has led to an abundance of people camping for too long, trashing beautiful areas, and overstaying their welcome at some of the beaches and old campsites (ie: Kanaha Beach Park).


Nowadays, if you decide to renegade camp, a police officer will likely be knocking on your window (around 3am) to disturb your sleep and provide you with a hefty ticket. 

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