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We get this question all the time...

Do we really need rental insurance? 

The short answer is yes! Let's dig into it together.

It's important to understand what is needed to ensure your rental RV is covered appropriately in the case of an incident, as well as the difference between paying for rental insurance to be added to your reservation versus providing your own. We'll explain what's needed for each option below and more!

What's the difference between travel insurance and rental insurance?

Travel insurance covers a portion of your trip or your travels overall, depending on where/what you purchase for that coverage. This insurance coverage is totally up to you! It's great to have, but we don't require it. 

Rental recreational vehicle insurance is required by law when renting an RV. Just like with a car, insurance protects the driver and owner in the case of any sort of incident. 
Note that it's different coverage than a typical rental car that you rent from a company such as Hertz, Budget, etc. 

Which insurance companies typically cover rental RVs? 

We have found that, generally, these are the auto insurance companies that do cover RV rentals as part of an automobile policy, however policies may vary:

  • State Farm

  • Farmers

  • AAA

  • USAA

  • 21st Century

  • AllState


What if I don't have an automobile insurance policy of my own? 

No problem! We offer coverage through our insurance partner directly through our website that you can easily add on to your camper van reservation for $24.95 per day. Just let us know that you'd like to pursue this option and we'll get you set up before your trip begins! 

What is needed for me to verify my rental insurance or complete an add-on to my reservation through your carrier? 

We try to make it easy for you to get the coverage you need! 

To verify your own coverage, we will send you an insurance binder document, which lays out your reservation information (name, confirmation number, and dates you have reserved our camper van). You simply send this to your insurance company or broker, and they will return the completed binder document to you or directly to us to verify that your insurance indeed will cover the camper van rental. 

To add coverage to your camper van through our provider, we will add it on to your reservation. If there are any additional steps for you to complete, we will notify you before your trip begins. 

What is an insurance binder? 

In order to verify that your own insurance is sufficient to cover your camper van rental, we provide you with a request for the proof of insurance/insurance binder to give to your automobile insurance company or broker to complete and return to us. 

The one-page document we provide you with contains specific detailed information regarding your trip that your insurance company needs to confirm that the policy will cover (or not cover) your camper van rental. Once they complete the verification, they will typically send it directly to us to keep on file for your coverage over the duration of your trip.

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