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Three tips for booking campsites on Maui

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

When choosing to camp on Maui, you're choosing an exciting adventure that involves taking your days easy, exploring at your own pace and really integrating into the island environment. There are a couple things you do need to book ahead of time, though – your camper van and campgrounds where you'll stay overnight. 

Because it's illegal to camp overnight outside of a designated campground on Maui, campsite reservations can get super competitive! Be sure to check out our Camping Locations tab to see the top places we recommended staying during your camper van trip. 
Here are our top three tips for planning your overnight camp spots on Maui:

 1) Be timely: Most state and national park campsites will open camping bookings exactly 30 - 90 days before your reservation date. Keep an eye on the reservations and be prepared to book as soon as they open up (we mean the minute the open - no dragging your feet)! Our most prepared guests are the most successful and have a more enjoyable time planning the remainder of their Maui vacation.

 2) Know where to go: It’s tempting to go with the flow when you’re planning a camping trip on Maui, but – we can't say it enough – campsites book super quickly! Know where you want to stay overnight during your trip so you can ensure you book your spots in good time.

 3) Be prepared: Believe it or not, although we’re on a beautiful island in the middle of the Pacific, some camping spots can be really chilly or have unexpected bouts of weather. Stay prepared when packing with a rain jacket and warm sleeping clothes and/or layers, and don’t hesitate to ask us to add an extra blanket to your van.

 Camping here is an UNBELIEVABLE experience! One we truly are passionate about sharing and, although we may be bias, feel is the absolute best way to explore this beautiful island. Don’t miss out and get your camper van and campground spots booked today.

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