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Who is van life for, anyway?

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: camping on Maui is one of the most amazing ways to connect to the island and genuinely experience its culture, nature and people. If you’re wondering if exploring Maui in a camper van is really for you, keep reading...

  • Babymooners, honeymooners + romantic adventurers: What better way to connect with your partner than unplugging and being present in nature together? We have many guests who are looking to do just that and couldn’t be more excited to provide an experience that allows you to close your laptop, put your phone away and hop from epic hike to delicious restaurant to breathtaking beach hand-in-hand and with ease. Check out our Most Romantic Activities on Maui post, too!

  •  Solo travelers + soul seekers: Sometimes you just need to get in a car and drive – and although you can’t get very far on our island home, being with yourself can be so soul-filling. Of course, we always want you to be prepared and feel safe, so read up on staying safe while solo-camping.

  • Weekend warriors, beginner campers + experienced adventurers: Sure, staying in a camper van might not be for those seeking the ultimate rough and tumble mother nature experience, but when you’re on vacation sometimes you want to just relax a bit anyway! This kind of accommodation is also perfect for even the most novice and inexperienced camper. When you have the opportunity to really tune into the natural world while still being uber-comfortable, its definitely a win-win!

There is a van life experience for just about everyone! We welcome (and encourage) folks of all levels and travel purposes to explore Maui in a different way — from the front seat! While we provide you with everything you’ll need to enjoy your stay, you will also walk away with the best gift: memories of a truly unique island adventure.

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