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Why you should rent a camper van while visiting Hawai'i

Ok, we may be bias, but hear us out! Camper vans offer a unique and adventurous way to experience Hawai'i, and they come with several advantages over traditional accommodations like hotels, resorts or condos. Here we'll break down some reasons why you should consider choosing a camper van for your next Hawaiian vacation:

  1. Flexibility: With a camper van, you have the freedom to explore the island at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can easily move from one location to another and don't have to worry about being tied down to a specific hotel or resort. You're on island time, after all!

  2. Cost-effective: Camper vans are way more affordable than traditional accommodations, especially during peak tourist seasons. Plus, you save money on dining out since you can cook your meals with the kitchen kit provided in each North Shore Vans' camper!

  3. Unique experience: Camping in a van is a unique and memorable experience that allows you to connect with nature and experience Hawaii's beauty in a way that's not possible when staying in a hotel or resort. Once you explore the island like this, it really changes your entire travel experience!

  4. Eco-friendly: Taking care of our dear Earth is important to us. Camper vans are a more sustainable option since they have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional accommodations and make us more conscious about the waste we produce during our travels.

  5. Connect with the land: Hawaii has many beautiful locations that are only accessible for an overnight stay if you're camping, and a camper van is the perfect mode of transportation to enjoy these spots while still getting a comfortable night sleep. Enjoying your Maui vacation in a camper van truly allows you to feel the aloha that the 'aina has to offer!

Overall, choosing a camper van over a hotel, resort, or condo can enhance your Hawaiian vacation by offering flexibility, cost-effectiveness, a unique experience, eco-friendliness, and access to stunning locations.

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