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We're North Shore Vans, and we help you experience the true Aloha of Hawai’i while cruising the south shore, exploring the forest along the road to Hana, and falling asleep to the sound of the waves in a handcrafted and fully equipped camper van.

We're so excited to be part of your island adventure!

the magic of Maui
from the driver's seat

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Each camper van comes equipped with...

  • Thick memory foam mattress

  • Egyptian cotton sheets, plus pillows + blanket

  • Countertop, cabinets + storage areas

  • 2 burner stove, fuel + cookware

  • Dining set for two + coffee-making-kit

  • Lighting, outlets + charging ports

  • Faucet, sink + fresh water

  • Ceiling vent + multi-speed fan 

  • Cooler + camp chairs 

Malama 'Aina Mantra


Malama ‘aina – care and respect for the land – is a core value of ours.

Maui is one of the most beautiful places on Earth! We are fortunate to live alongside all the flora and fauna that dwell on and around this small island in the Pacific. In order to preserve the beauty, ecology and wonder of our home, we take very seriously our role to be responsible stewards to the land. 

We believe that in order to fulfill this role, we need to be a responsible business, as well, and we weave this value into every aspect of our operation and the visitors with whom we connect.

Read our complete Malama 'Aina Mantra here!


Find your
Camping Locations

There are beautiful designated camping locations all around Maui that help us protect the land and be able to enjoy all it has to offer, respectfully.

Please be a steward of the land and make your campground reservations before your trip.


Learn more About
North Shore Vans

North Shore Vans began as a way to help travelers learn about the island, the local culture and Maui’s endless outdoor recreation in a unique way - by renting high quality, clean and handcrafted camper vans. Being able to enjoy Maui from a different point of view and connect with the outdoors is an experience that will expand your adventurous soul.

Read more about North Shore Vans and the people behind it!

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