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Challenging Maui hikes you must check out

We love hiking - being in nature is one of our core values, after all! Sometimes we want to kick it up a notch from just a leisurely walk in the woods, so we turn to these five trails and they never disappoint. We find that the difficulty level varies depending on your physical condition and weather patterns, too. Always be prepared with snacks, water, proper shoes and sun protection!

1. Pipiwai Trail: Located within the east entrance of Haleakala National Park on the Hana side, Pīpīwai Trail is accessible to all levels, but does begin with a good amount of stair climb and can be challenging for those who are not avid hikers. Keep going and you’ll enter the trails majestic bamboo forest and find waterfalls along the way!

2. Waihe’e Ridge Trail: A must visit for active folks who love a good view! Keep in mind this trail tends to be on the wetter side of the island so can be quite slippery and muddy during the winter. Check the weather and come back on a sunny day! Oftentimes you can hike through clouds towards the top and emerge on the way down to incredible coastal views!

3. Sliding Sands (Keonehe‘ehe‘e): Sliding Sands, otherwise known as Keonehe‘ehe‘e, begins at Haleakala’s summit and descends into the crater of the volcano. This trail is 13 miles roundtrip (out and back) and often the environmental conditions can be brutal with no shade and high elevation putting you at risk of intense sun. Recommended for experienced hikers!

4. Makawao Forest Reserve: This gorgeous forest offers trails embedded among great redwoods and feels like a truly unique area from the rest of Maui’s beach vibe! Although the terrain is not super strenuous, you can enjoy almost 6 miles of hiking so get a couple hours in the great outdoors.

5. Lahaina Pali: This trail heads straight up and over the West Maui mountains and offers no shade, so it’s recommended to start early in the morning. Begin on the Wailuku side and head up, following the trail to the windmills. It leads over the ridge to Lahaina, but right now we suggest only going up to the top and back down. Enjoy coastal views along the way and a stellar workout!

Looking to enjoy an awesome hike while adventuring around the beautiful Garden Isle? Try one of these and be sure to tag us on social media @northshorevans!

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