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Staying in a camper van vs. tent-on-top camping

Updated: Mar 16

When it comes to outdoor adventures, the debate between staying in a camper van versus a roof top tent setup is a common one. While both options offer unique experiences, there are several benefits to choosing a camper van for your travels!

First, camper vans provide a higher level of comfort and convenience compared to roof top tents. With a camper van, you have the luxury of moving around and generally having more space. This can be a game-changer, especially during bad weather or in locations where setting up a tent may not be practical. Additionally, camper vans - at least at North Shore Vans 😊 - come equipped with amenities such as a bed, a small kitchen counter with sink, and storage space, making them ideal for longer trips.

Along with comfort, setting up a tent can be a major pain, especially after a full day exploring! In a camper van, you can lay back, kick your feet up and take a snooze whenever you're tired without having to fuss with getting a tent ready or taking it down in the morning before you can drive off to your next spot of exploration.

Another advantage of camper van living is the security and privacy it offers. Unlike roof top tents that are exposed to the elements, camper vans provide a more secure and enclosed living space, not to mention curious passersby. This sense of safety can allow travelers to relax and enjoy your surroundings without concerns.

Lastly, depending on what time of year you come to visit Maui or where you stay, sleeping in a camper van can keep you warmer and more comfortable during the cooler months or at higher elevations, such as staying near the summit of Haleakala. Likewise, having a fan above the bed in a camper van, as they are in our vans, can be so helpful during the warmer months when it doesn’t cool down as much during the evening hours.

So, while roof top tents have their appeal, the comfort, convenience, and security provided by camper vans make them a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or a 10-day excursion, opting for a camper van can enhance your overall travel experience and make your adventures more enjoyable!


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